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The NCCAP Program assists in the creation and expansion of businesses in South Wood County with a goal of job creation for low to moderate income residents.

We partner with other volunteer organizations to:

Evaluate your strengths:

Identify skills, and talents needed to create a successful business

Assess the Market for Your Business Plan:

Complete the market research that is required to find out if customers need your business, how many competitors you will face and how to make your business stand out from the other competition

Develop Your Business Plan:

Create your blueprint for a successful business.  Identify your business goals, design the strategies to meet them and develop the financial projections so you can gauge progress toward your business goals

Locate Financing:

Examine financing options and decide what financial products will work best for you and look at options for gap financing for your business.

Stay on Track with Post Start-Up Assistance:

Access ongoing person and online technical assistance as your business grows

Contact our Jobs & Business Development Coordinator, Carla Lenk at 715-424-2581.